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Vicky Godbold is a professional photographer. She utilizes a lifestyle approach to her photography; specializing in capturing detail and natural movement with a style consisting of light and airy imagery. She resides in North Texas with her family of three. Vicky shoots both locally and out of state, and is available for travel worldwide.

Lifestyle photography lies somewhere in between documentary photography on the one hand, and classic portraiture on the other hand. A documentary photographer will have a “fly on the wall” approach, catching life as it is without trying to interfere with what is going on. He or she will tell the story of real life, as it happens, while trying to be as transparent as possible for his/her subjects. A photographer specialized in classic portraiture will try to have full control over what is in the frame: light, backgrounds, clothes, poses, props. He or she will be in charge of how their subjects position their bodies, move (or not) and will control everything up to the angle of their head or how their hand is laying on their lap. Vicky approaches her photography with a mix of authentic and staged. During a session, she will create a diversity of opportunities that will generate real-life type of images which might not have spontaneously happened at that specific moment if she hadn’t been there to jump-start them.